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Otani brewing
〒689-2352 368, Urayasu, Kotoura-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori
TEL. 0858-53-0111

FAX. 0858-53-0112
Refined sake, production, sale, warehouseman of the real shochu


■Brewing retail license 000
In national new sake model review society
 The warehouseman whom there is in the receiving a prize career of 13 times of gold medals.
I play soccer on September 18, 2009
Former representative from Japan Hidetoshi Nakata
I came for Otani brewing and was owned.

Recruitment of court officials

A person with the passion demands it from a sake brewer (offer)

Let's make classic "takaisami" together in a historical sake brewery


 [offer] It recruits court officials.

The offer staff: Some whole year employment name

I am fully equipped with a dwelling in an office (with live-in expense-free / meals)

Please inquire for the details at the following.

Let's make "memorable liquor takaisami" with classic Warehouseman together!

Please feel free to contact us about the details.


Otani brewing charge: Ohashi

 The inquiry is this
TEL. +81-858-53-0111
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