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Otani brewing
〒689-2352 368, Urayasu, Kotoura-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori
TEL. 0858-53-0111

FAX. 0858-53-0112
Refined sake, production, sale, warehouseman of the real shochu


■Brewing retail license 000
In national new sake model review society
 The warehouseman whom there is in the receiving a prize career of 13 times of gold medals.
I play soccer on September 18, 2009
Former representative from Japan Hidetoshi Nakata
I came for Otani brewing and was owned.

About a visit to sake brewery

Guidance of the Kurami study

◆The Kurami study needs reservations ◆(free)
 In the Kurami study of the takaisami, I enter the storehouse and guide you according to a process of the sake brewing. (the time required: for approximately one hour)
 In addition, is during a brewing period; you can actually see the work scenery of court officials from November through April.
 As the sale in the storehouse goes after Kurami study, please use it.
 ◆The Kurami study should be a chisel on a business day on weekdays, Saturday.
[flow of the reservation]
  Please make a prior reservation by a telephone or an email.
   (1) Day you like
   (2) Time you like
   (3) The name of the representative
   (4) Contact information
   (5) The participation number of people
<reservation, inquiry>
 TEL0858-53-0111 weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
※Request from a storehouse※
 ■May not attach the visit during a brewing period by a brewing plan at visit time you like; approve it beforehand.
 ■For accident prevention, it should be 15 people at one guidance capacity. The visit of the customer accompanying infants may have you decline.
 ■On the day of Kurami study, please refrain from the next storehouse that I eat fermented food including natto, the yogurt.
 ■Please refrain from the use such as the strong perfume of the fragrance.
 ■To the one where the minor, a car are driven cannot sample it.
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