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Otani brewing
〒689-2352 368, Urayasu, Kotoura-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori
TEL. 0858-53-0111

FAX. 0858-53-0112
Refined sake, production, sale, warehouseman of the real shochu


■Brewing retail license 000
In national new sake model review society
 The warehouseman whom there is in the receiving a prize career of 13 times of gold medals.
I play soccer on September 18, 2009
Former representative from Japan Hidetoshi Nakata
I came for Otani brewing and was owned.

Media information

I am published in the best sake to want to drink now

Our "takaisami straight 酛 purely U.S. Strongly" was published in the MOOK "sake of the best to want to drink now" of 11/26 hatsubaiyosenshahatsuko.

Gem this to this famous sake

A plan, the issuance by the Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Energia research institute: I am published in the published by March 1, 2015 "inexperienced wind"

Sake brewery visit of the well-established brewing

The article of our chief brewer was published in the evening paper Yomiuri Shimbun dated January 15, 2008 on a large scale.

Hidetoshi Nakata next storehouse

Otani brewing was introduced in "traveler's diary NO. 5223" of official web site of Hidetoshi Nakata.
In young sake model review society gold medal receiving a prize 12 times "ohtanishuzotakaisami"
Of Tottori is approximately central.
With Chugoku Mountains including Daisen that is the Chugoku district highest peak as a back, there is brewing "ohtanishuzo takaisami" of the reputation in Kotorachou facing the Sea of Japan if the best among Tottori.
The town which is famous as the place where water is very delicious in Kotoura-cho.
Clear water fully receives the blessings of Shimizu such as the deep spring "Emperor water" of the Emperor Godaigo and the connection springing out and slush of Oyama from the bottom of the earth that surrounded Mikata with a stone wall to "Daisen Taki" chosen as 100 selections of Japanese waterfalls.
That Kazumasa Otani of the warehouseman was particular about training water for the fourth generation and continued exploring it for famous clear water for a decade.
Still "local water returns concerning the first" after all and I draw underflow water of Oyama by car now from the place called "Kurasaka" from a storehouse for ten minutes and teach you it and use it in water.
At the delicious place of the water, the rice is delicious, too.
From the rice which grew up in such a comfortable environment, I use only the thing which selected carefully more luxuriously.
The Izumo chief brewer that Shun Sakamoto of the existing consultant is from 80 kilos, Hirata-shi, Shimane (existing Izumo-shi) from Kotoura-cho to the west.
In those days when Sakamoto was selected as a chief brewer with 28-year-old youth, "takaisami," reputation was not so sweet.
Therefore it changes the water to the slush of Daisen, and it makes the furnace to steam newly, and it changes rice, and it is Sakamoto that let powerful dry liquor at the present be reborn.
New life "takaisami" which Sakamoto made is elected at a competitive show of Tottori suddenly by the first place.
Because it is said that it was last in the last year, the degree of pains is remembered. It is 12 times of gold medal receiving a prize in the national young sake model review society.
As the excellent chief brewer who protects structure advance, the taste, and pulls "takaisami", it is chosen as "a modern master craftsman" in 1998 and is presented with "the Medal with a Yellow Ribbon" in 2002.
To slush of Daisen, neat and clean air, winter climate - - it which is chilly bring on famous sake of San-in that was particular about hot.
Mr. September 18, 2009 Hidetoshi Nakata next storehouse
It prospers and wins a certain gold medal in "national new sake model review society" in 22, Heisei liquor year. The gold medal receiving a prize became 13 times at this time.

Newspaper article 2 (one piece of image)

News from warehouseman
March 29, 2011 date
I kept the traditional skill, and the article of the new challenge (development of the fig liqueur) was greatly published in morning edition San-in Chuo Shimpo-sha.
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