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Otani brewing
〒689-2352 368, Urayasu, Kotoura-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori
TEL. 0858-53-0111

FAX. 0858-53-0112
Refined sake, production, sale, warehouseman of the real shochu


■Brewing retail license 000
In national new sake model review society
 The warehouseman whom there is in the receiving a prize career of 13 times of gold medals.
I play soccer on September 18, 2009
Former representative from Japan Hidetoshi Nakata
I came for Otani brewing and was owned.

Until takaisami is made

Figure of refined sake process of manufacture

(1)Rice cleaning

Rice cleaning machine
Because there are many ingredients (fat, protein, soot) deteriorating flavor and luster and color of the liquor in the surface section of rice, I say that I sharpen them-rich the surface section of rice and remove it with rice cleaning.
"Takaisami" Then, using a homemade rice cleaning machine, I polish rice by 35-70% of rice cleaning rates. I spend time slowly and polish rice, and it may take around 50 hours when it is long.

(2)Steaming rice

State of the steaming
I let the rice which I washed suck in water moderately, and steaming rice means that I heat up with steam. By steaming rice, I make starch of rice the alpha and make it easy to receive the action of the saccharification enzyme which the Aspergillus oryzae produces. The rice which I steamed cools off and it is identified as malted rice use for liquor mother for unrefined sake and is used. I judge the quality of steaming rice from touch, a fragrance, taste. In addition, I make "Hinerimochi" with completed steaming rice and I steam it and may see condition.

(3)Malted rice

State made with malted rice
I make malted rice with the work changing starch of rice into glucose.
Good malted rice is connected by the work to be able to tell to be the pivot of the sake brewing to good liquor.

(4)Yeast mash

State of liquor mother
I add yeast, steaming rice, water, lactic acid to malted rice and make liquor mother. You may add lactic acid, yeast in water malted rice and stir it. I add the steaming rice which I cooled to right temperature approximately two hours later and work it out. Approximately two weeks later, Yeast mash is completed.


State of the unrefined sake
I divide malted rice, steaming rice, water into three times to liquor mother and, in addition, I stir it and I let you ferment for approximately one month and make unrefined sake with low temperature. This process is called "a structure".

(6)Upper cistern (joso)

Squeeze machine of the thicket field type
I say work to squeeze the unrefined sake which matured enough, and to divide into liquor and sake lees with upper cistern. I use the squeeze machine of the thicket field type and I put unrefined sake in the liquor bag and fill the cistern (ship) and squeeze it in "takaisami". I collect the liquor which the great brewing sake from the finest rice hangs a liquor bag with unrefined sake, and drips by gravity of nature. For nonpressure, there is little added flavor in the course of the brewing to leave from the refuse and is valuable at all because only very few quantity is removed.
In addition, the upper cistern liquor having just finished doing it still includes a minute solid body and has muddy it white, but a solid body precipitates when I leave you unattended for several days, and liquor of I am clear. orihiki means this work.

(7)The storage aging

Storage tank
"Takaisami" The noo liquor takes time before profit is given.
I let you mature slowly slowly and carefully in a quiet, dark storehouse and wait for time of the shipment.
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