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Otani brewing
〒689-2352 368, Urayasu, Kotoura-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori
TEL. 0858-53-0111

FAX. 0858-53-0112
Refined sake, production, sale, warehouseman of the real shochu


■Brewing retail license 000
In national new sake model review society
 The warehouseman whom there is in the receiving a prize career of 13 times of gold medals.
I play soccer on September 18, 2009
Former representative from Japan Hidetoshi Nakata
I came for Otani brewing and was owned.
Is very high as secret famous sake of the San-in district; is popular.
A taste of the quality sake brewed from the finest rice which the world accepted as well as Japan!
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Warehouseman introduction
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Pure Chinese sake
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 It is hello Otani brewing, and the founding continued protecting traditions more than it in Kotouracho located in the center of the Tottori 1872 for 100 years, and rich nature of the foot of a mountain of the Daisen, winter cold wind, the nature of the locality including the slush are suitable for sake brewing and they are particular about the hot that, in addition, Our main raw material is Yamadanishiki. Also, we are using Tamasakae, sake rice made in Tottori only and Goriki, and a face of the hand is seen and continue making it.
The expert whom the Shun Sakamoto which the origin of the liquor name "takaisami" on behalf of us was charmed by the brave figure of the hawk that the first present head of a household who was a bird fancier danced sky, and named it, and acted as a chief brewer until 2007 was chosen as "a modern master craftsman", and the Medal with a Yellow Ribbon won. Hiroshi Sota who inherited the next is chosen as "a modern master craftsman" and wins "the Medal with a Yellow Ribbon". Taste of "the takaisami" is inherited ceaselessly now by chief brewer and court officials of the younger student. I work on the development of the new product with spirit of the enterprise positively while following a tradition.
I wrestle in sending the liquor that the single-minded dedication quality first is pleased with as a motto by a visitor without having very high popularity, evaluation as secret famous sake of the San-in district, and always standing near a visitor in future, and forgetting a feeling of thankfulness.
Representative director Shuko Otani



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↓A mutter of ↓, takaisami is checked by this!

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